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It is with great enthusiasm that we anticipate your participation in the 2018 Marketing Conclave on the campus of Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA.  If you are interested in advertising, marketing, entertainment/media, public relations, sales, or retail, you have an awesome event in store for you.

The Conclave is a student-run conference that provides attendees with insight into what careers in marketing, sales and advertising have to offer. Celebrating its eleventh year, the Marketing Conclave has developed into a national event bringing students from colleges and universities across the United States together for the purpose of meeting recruiters, networking with other student professionals, and learning more about the current trends in marketing.

This year’s theme is “Media Madness”. The goal of this year’s conference is to show attendees the importance of marketing from the perspective of an entrepreneur. You will get an in depth view of how entrepreneurs use the resources at their disposal to market their product/service and how their marketing strategies impacted the profitability of the business. In this year’s conclave we have also decided to address the topic of diversity and inclusion in the corporate world. Diversity is a comprehensive term that is often used only in regards to race. However, the word diversity is extends much farther than the conversation of race or ethnicity, and you will see that in this year’s conclave. We will show you how marketing is used alter perspective and why diversity in work place is imperative in order to reach specific markets.


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