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Our Mission

The mission of the Morehouse Marketing Association is to expose students to the different aspects of marketing through leadership, networking, and servitude.

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Our Student Members

The MMA has exposed students to the world of advertising and given insight into the many possible marketing careers through the Fall semester\’s Advertising Creative Boot Camp, hosted by the One Club, and the Spring semester’s Morehouse Marketing Conclave.

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Our Events

The Morehouse Marketing Association has been responsible for many important events at Morehouse College, including executive lectures with Mr. Terry Lundgren (CEO of Macy’s), Mr. Steve Stoute (CEO of Translation), Mr. David Sable (CEO of Y & R) and others.

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Our Founder

Brandon Frame, class of 2009

The Morehouse Marketing Association is an essential part of the Morehouse Business Department. This student organization serves as the connector between talented Morehouse Men and amazing companies with opportunities in the vast field that is Marketing.

Morehouse Marketing Conclave

If you are interested in advertising, marketing, public relations, retail
or sales, the Morehouse Marketing Conclave is the place to be. The
Conclave is a student-run conference that provides attendees the
opportunity to learn and develop an understanding of why marketing,
advertising, public relations and selling are integral to any business. We
also provide insight into what careers in the aforementioned fields have to
offer. We do by providing a career fair, keynote speakers from major
companies, interactive workshops, and student competitions. The Morehouse
Marketing Conclave has developed into a national event bringing students
from colleges and universities across the United States together for the
purpose of meeting recruiters, networking with other student professionals,
and developing a passion for the Marketing industry. Mark your calendar
for the 3rd Friday & Saturday in February. Students, plan to come each
year you are in school and companies, plan to come every year to find and
interact with the best student talent from across the US!
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